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Pet Collection

5% of all profit made from the Happy Tails pet collection goes directly to The Rainbow Bridge Project! 

(this ONLY includes products made by TrulyMindful Company)

Rainbow Bridge Project

On August 7th, 2023, I faced the challenge of coping with the loss of my beloved Autumn Blossom, who was not just my first heart dog but also the most wonderful shop dog one could wish for. Autumn Blossom, a service dog and cherished therapy companion to many in the community, received immense love and support that helped bring her back to me so I could cherish and grieve her passing. This experience shed light on the expenses involved in caring for a sickly or hospice dog, including euthanasia and cremation costs. This realization inspired the creation of the Rainbow Bridge project, dedicated to raising funds and offering time to assist these furry friends in need.


The Rainbow Bridge project emerged from a profound love and admiration for our furry companions who bring us joy and comfort. Our goal is to offer financial aid and emotional solace to families navigating the tough choices that come with tending to aging or unwell pets. By organizing fundraisers, engaging with the community, and volunteering, we strive to alleviate the challenges faced by pet owners and guarantee that every dog, cat, or beloved creature is treated with the care and respect they deserve in their final moments. Together, we can establish a nurturing and empathetic network that honors the special connection between humans and their loyal pets, guiding them across the Rainbow Bridge with serenity and affection.

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