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Small - 6" braided rope

Large - 12" braided rope

Mega - 12" extra thick braided rope


All tugs and teethers are made with Fleece material and are NOT indestructible! We do make these by hand and strive to make them to the highest of standards given the materials. 


Teether Directions:

Soak the rope in water or a pet-safe bone broth and place it in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Simply remove it from the freezer and offer it to your pet, whether teething or to help in the heat, they work great and the pups love them too!


Remember to supervise pets during playtime, especially when they are prone to chewing.


Colors vary and are currently chosen at random, if you would like to request particular colors, we may be able to do so BUT it will cost extra, just send us an email at

Fleece Dog Tugs and Teethers

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