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Herbal Apprenticeship

This Course is the first of three to begin nourishing your herbal education, gain a better knowledge of the plants around us. I created this seven-month apprenticeship program to cover everything herbal intertwined with the study of human anatomy sectioned into parts/systems of the body, and upon completion, you will be a certified herbalist! One weekend each month, we will explore numerous native New England plants and their medical benefits, as well as the body's systems and which herbs are appropriate for which imbalances. Each weekend will consist of at least one day in the field and forest working in the environment, identifying plants and their habitats while gathering pressings of these plants. After seven months, you will have completed your own materia medica.....a comprehensive cross-referenced card catalog of plants, their herbal actions, and indications. You will learn to not only identify, harvest, dry and store these herbs but you will have hands-on opportunities to make lotions, soaps, scrubs, infused oils, syrups, tinctures extracts and more. You will also learn how to properly blend teas for a balanced flavor and/or medicinal benefit and in the process use taste to help identify key medicinal benefits of each plant used, to gain a stronger connection with each plant.


Weekend Dates: New Apprentice Gathering/Introduction - April 1st (Zoom Call Introduction) 

CLASS DATES: April 8th/9th, May 6th/7th, June 10th/11th, July 1st/2nd, August 12th/13th, September 9th/10th, October 14th/15th. November 12th is Graduation. 


$500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot by MARCH 25TH. Remaining balance is due at the start of class, payment plans available for the balance upon request. (Due monthly) All sales final and commencement of the first weekend of class commits you for payment for all classes if choosing to use the payment plan. Full payment once classes start is non-refundable and is due even if you decide not to continue or miss class.



Material you will receive with this course: 

  • TrulyMindful’s A guide to Herbalism Workbook

  • Pocket Flower Press

  • Mini Notebook

  • Materia Medica materials

  • IN CLASS making and hands on materials

Requirements for Certification include:

​Attendance at ALL weekend dates (unless extenuating circumstances arise/discussed with teacher)

Completed Materia Medica due on last weekend of class

25 Hours extra time in the shop, assisting with events or harvesting with me

End of the year personal projects presented on Graduation Day to the class


To receive a certificate, all class attendance is necessary, as well as 25 additional hours with me learning how to collect, store, and process herbs, as well as studying pertinent state and federal rules surrounding shop operations (FDA cGMPs). To set up these times, please call or email me or set up with me during class hours.

Keeping in mind that each weekend will consist of at least one day in the field and forest working in the environment, so plan ahead for rain or shine! Our time in the outdoors is required as we explore and learn and we have to accept the weather offered to us as it is near impossible to reschedule these times. Bring Sunscreen, Bug repellent, rain gear, or change of clothes as needed. Make sure to have water, lunch, snacks and all appropriate tools such as your notebook, pen, and anything else you may want to bring. Some Weekends, we will go on field trips, and the complete weekend schedule will be sent to you prior to the weekend. Handouts for all class content are provided, they can either be found in the workbook or on our website via student link, at no additional cost.

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