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Introducing Fungi Sense, a powerful blend of chestnut, lion's mane, black pear oyster, blue oyster, and elm mushrooms encapsulated for your convenience. As a clinical herbalist, I have formulated this product with the aim of promoting overall wellness and harnessing the adaptogenic properties of these remarkable fungi. These mushrooms have been carefully selected for their individual health benefits, including immune support, cognitive function, and stress relief. By incorporating Fungi Sense into your daily routine, you can experience the natural healing and balancing effects of these incredible adaptogens. Unlock the potential of these medicinal mushrooms and elevate your well-being with Fungi Sense.


Directions: Take two capsules daily for your overall wellness and a daily dose of fungi, sourced from NH mushroom company right here in NH!


Ingredients: mushrooms ( chestnut, lions mane black pear oyster, blue oyster and elm blend), Vegetable capsules.

Fungi Sense

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