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Introducing the Aller-Geez Tincture, a powerful blend of goldenrod, nettle leaf, and mullein designed to help alleviate allergy symptoms. This carefully crafted tincture combines the natural antihistamine properties of goldenrod with the anti-inflammatory effects of nettle leaf and the soothing action of mullein to provide relief from seasonal allergies. Goldenrod is known for its ability to reduce nasal and sinus congestion, while nettle leaf helps to minimize the body's allergic response. Mullein, with its soothing effects on the respiratory system, works to ease coughs and congestion associated with allergies. Say goodbye to itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing with the Aller-Geez Tincture - your natural solution to allergy relief.


Ingredients: goldenrod, nettle leaf, mullein, alcohol, water


Directions (unless specified otherwise): take one dropper full as needed up to 3 times daily until allergies begin to subside. 

Aller-Geez Tincture

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