Loose Leaf Tea $6.00 an oz


Lemon and Orange peels are the base to bring a fruity flavor, combind this together with some ginger, clove, star anise and cinnamon and there you go! A warming drink for a nice brisk moring or ever colder fall or winter day. 


It can benifit the immune system by supporting the body, help warm someone with chills or if your cold. Its amazing for someone with a flu or cold as well, get things moving in the body, move mucus and break things up. Add a sweet spoon full of honey to help bring out the citrus even more and the honey will coat your throat for a nice soothing effect on sore throats (this can be used in any teas). 

Warming Citrus Spice


         I am not a doctor, I am an herbalist and holistic health educator. Things discussed should not be taken as medical advice. No state or federal authority licenses herbalists in the U.S. so discussions are for educational purposes only. Everyone’s body is different and the things I suggest may or may not apply directly to you.

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