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Introducing our Magnesium Mist, a natural and effective way to replenish magnesium levels in the body. This convenient magnesium body spray is perfect for on-the-go use and provides quick absorption to help alleviate magnesium deficiency. In addition to its wellness benefits, our Magnesium Mist also works as a deodorizing spray, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, this herbal wellness product is a must-have for your daily self-care routine. Say goodbye to magnesium deficiency with our rejuvenating Magnesium Mist.


All natural body deoderant as well as general external magnesium supplement. 


Ingredients: Pure Magnesium Flakes, Distilled water, Ylang ylang, Cedar wood, and White Angelica essential oils

Magnesium Mist

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