Whole Plant is used to treat the Whole Body!

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Why Whole Plant Medicine?

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Why Whole Plant Medicine?


Whole plant medicine is used most in Traditional herbal medicine, treating underlying imbalances in the body that are believed to cause disease. Herbalists use medicines made from whole plants that, with their complex mix of chemicals, are believed to be the most effective way of addressing these imbalances.

The goal of whole plant medicine is to nudge a person back into wellness. They don't do it fast, and they don't do it overnight, but they have an effect on the body that is sustaining and ultimately is healing.

What is Whole Plant Medicine?

Whole plant medicine is the use of the whole plant or a part of the whole plant such as (flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, roots, and seeds), in order to make herbal remedies, without isolating single constituents.

Terms to Know

Isolate: Singling out a constituent from the rest of the plant.

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Why is Whole Plant Medicine Important?

When it comes to using herbs medically, whole plant medicine is what most herbalists agree is the most effective and safest way to use herbs as medicine. This form of herbal use can be compared to a whole foods diet.


Overall it is suggested that using the whole plant vs. isolating parts of said plant can have more benefits on the body and provide certain constituents combined with others to help carry out a certain action only accomplished together.

Whole Plant is used to treat the Whole Body!

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