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The Latest Florida Water Trends: Hip or Hype?

Updated: Feb 7

Brighten your life with Florida water

Ever wondered why "Florida water" is called FLORIDA water? Well if you didn't already know it's not because it is from the state of Florida. The name comes from the fountain of youth, thought to be located in Florida. This cologne was trademarked in 1808 by a perfume company, inspiring the recipe from others that date back and were past down for centuries. It can still be found in many households worldwide, providing a long list of uses.


Wicked Nahamsha (Florida) Water : TrulyMindful's take on the traditional florida water. We use a traditional base of our own rose water, citrus peels, and lavender with our own delicate floral twist of red and white clover, New England aster, and my personal favorite, sweet fern!


Used in many cultures, bearing a colorful history, this blend can be found around the globe. The original concept has been around thousands of years, originating from Indigenous, African, and Latinx people as a tool for cleaning, cleansing and perfume. A balanced and centering blend of floral water (rose water), herbs, spices, citrus and essential oils.

Ways to Utilize Florida water

Florida water was originally introduced by enslaved African-Americans as a Cologne and would use it for cleaning linens, moping floors, and shaving mens faces as well as ritual/spiritual practices.

1. Cleansing (sacred cleansing)

Clear material objects such as crystals, jewelry and alter items or a particular area or energy from a space (this can be done before and/or after use of the item or space).

2. Blessings and in ceremony

Used for clearing and cleansing, anointing (people, children, pets), and bring good spirits.

3. Cleaning

As originally used by many families, it can be added to cleaners, baths, laundry dishes and much more to aid in cleaning around the home while offering its delicate citrus and floral notes.

4. Art

Bring florida water into your artwork by adding some to inks, paints, dyes and more.

5. Skincare

From an invigorating wake up toner, to hair spray, body spray, and it can even be added to other beauty products.

Basic DIY Recipe

Try making your own at home!

Using the basic outline below you can begin making your own customized florida water or as we call ours here at TrulyMindful, Wicked Nahamsha Water. When creating anything of importance we use intention, this is no different. Pick the herbs you use intuitivly, I even like to meditate or sit with each of the herbs before I decided on anything. Once decided on the herbs, all the ingredients can be added to a glass jar, I always reccomend starting this on a new moon and ending the "steep" after bathing in that cycles full moon.

Florida water is thought as the baking soda of the spiritual/magical world. Weather you make you own, purchase some or get it as a gift there are so many uses.

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