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Our Mission is to Provide a TrulyMindful experience,to help educate and cultivate a natural and holistic lifestyle to benefit our bodies, communities and environment and a safe place to purchase and discuss holistic products made here in New Hampshire!


I had no idea my childhood love for nature and the forest would lead me to find this path. Walks in the woods as a child dancing along the trails feeling the forests embrace. Growing to realize I want to have a more in depth relationship with nature, a balance.

It started with free online courses, reading articles and wandering the local herb shops. April 19, 2019 was the day I finally walked into class prepared to follow this holistic journey. 7 months later on November 10th I said my last goodbye to my classmates as we would rarely all be in one place again after we all became Herbalists. 

“I have tried so many lotions and none have repaired and moisturized my hands like the healing rosemary balm, one application after days in the kitchen and the redness and itch went away and lasted days"(Eric).

“Everything you have given or sold me so far has worked wonders, I now recommend these products to my hair dressing clients"(Joy).


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