Come Check out some of what we have to offer at one of our many pop up events around New England! These events can be anything from a vendor/craft fair to a street dance or even a camping weekend. We also host and assist in hosting many local events here in NH, Mostly in connection with The Barn Door Hostel and Tender Touch Horse Training.

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Annual Chase the Winds of Fall Craft Market

     Take a little time to check out the beauty of Rumney, New Hampshire and all it has to offer. The most beautiful spot for a fall craft fair. Tucked back on the roads of Rumney is the Barn Door Hostel, where this event is so fortunate to be located.

     Join us in the field to check out vendor alley and all the local vendors, artists, homesteaders and more. Take a seat or a blanket over to the front entrance lawn for amazing music and singsing. Bring a lunch or snack on treats you find through out the event.

     With slack a slack line, gaga pit, hang boards, books, balance toys, fire pits, campsites, hostel stay, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, showers and more there is bound to be something for everyone at the barn door.

     Consider staying a night or just come visit for the day, there will be something for everybody at Chase the Winds of Fall Craft Market!